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About Us

P&O Rehab Clinic is the experienced private prosthetic company in west Delhi. P&O Rehab Clinic prides itself on ensuring all clinical staff are well experienced in advanced technologies of hi-tech prosthesis and orthosis. All the clinicians are professionally qualified to take care of patients of all categories. Since its’ establishment P&O Rehab Clinic has held reputation in helping amputee by providing high quality and well-fitting prosthetic devices.

Your experience at P&O Rehab Clinic will be welcoming, supportive and in a relaxed professional environment. The care and treatment you will receive be professional rather than clinical. All treatment plans at P&O Rehab Clinic are evidence based and clients are offered the latest technology. Each client will be listened and encouraged to be actively involved in their own treatment plans.

P&O Rehab Clinic clinicians work as part of a multi-disciplinary team. We work closely with orthopedics, Plastic Surgeons, Neuro Surgeon, Cancer Surgeon, Pediatric Ortho and Physiotherapy to assist our clients.

The relationship between client and clinician at P&O Rehab Clinic is often a longstanding one open and honest communication, mutual respect and joint endeavor towards shared goals are values upheld by our staff.

Your choice of clinician and clinical practice is a very important one. Please feel free to call and make an appointment or speak to one of our clinicians if you have any further enquiries. We look forward to hearing from you.